• 15/06/2023
  • 21:00

Maria Pia De Vito: “This Woman’s Work.”

Maria Pia De Vito’s new project, which will also become a new record on Parco della Musica Records features a brand new quintet. This new work is based on original compositions by De Vito and Bortone, collective compositions, and reinterpretations of songs from a variety of sources, from the jazz of Tony Williams, Ornette Coleman to the songwriting of Elvis Costello and Kate Bush, to elements of English and American folk. A reflection on the status of women and the survival strategies women have been employing for centuries. Inspiration for the texts comes from authors such as Virginia Woolf, Rebecca Solnit, and Margaret Atwood. An electric project with a lineup of unique and innovative talents.


Maria Pia De Vito – Voice, electronics,
Mirco Rubegni – Trumpet
Giacomo Ancillotto – Guitar electronics
Matteo Bortone – Bass, electroncis.
Evita Polidoro – Drums

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