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Casa del Jazz celebrates World Jazz Day

April 30 marks International Jazz Day, introduced by UNESCO in November 2011 following an idea by pianist Herbie Hancock, with the aim of recognizing the value of this musical genre and its ability to unite people around the world; a music that since its inception has been a spokesman for the values of equality and the fight against racism.

The House of Jazz celebrates World Jazz Day with a day of special events. At 11 a.m. Saint Louis College of Music presents the meeting “Italian Jazz – An Unknown History. Meetings of the Archives of Jazz in Rome” curated by Paolo Marra. During the meeting, the theme “The New Generation of Jazz Players. The formations of the early 1980s” with the intervention and live performance of Rita Marcotulli on piano, Enzo Pietropaoli on double bass, and Roberto Gatto on drums. In the second part of the day double date at 6 and 9 p.m. with Indian drummer, composer and producer Sarathy Korwar one of the most original and compelling voices on the English jazz scene. His music blends jazz, electronica, Indian folk, and classical influences that focus on decolonization, a sense of community, race, and transcendence. Korwar will present along with Tamar Osborn on saxophone and Alistair Macsween on synthesizers his third album KALAK, an Indo-futurist manifesto that follows through a distinct rhythm the past and the present, at the same time posing as a starting point toward a road yet to be traveled. A celebration of South Asian musical and literary culture intertwined with spirituality and a sense of community in anticipation of a better future that can originate from that very foundation.

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