• 28/05/2023
  • 21:00

Wasted Generation

Wasted Generation, or “wasted, thrown away generation” is the name we chose for the project and which we believe best identifies us. We would like to emphasize this identity aspect because, although the adjectives do not bode well, the term “generation” is what most unites us. We are all young people born between the years 1996 and 2000 who felt the need to interface with each other, trying to give birth to a new community, perhaps less mature anagraphically, but pregnant with ideas, values and, above all, personality. Our name is a snub to those who still believe that the new youth has nothing to say, is lazy and poor in ideals, that it is only capable of dreaming, without being able to bestow dreams with even a semblance of reality.


Iacopo Teolis – Trumpet
Gabriel Marciano – Alto Sax
Vittorio Solimene – Piano
Giulio Scianatico – Double bass
Cesare Mangiocavallo – Drums

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