• 30/09/2023
  • 21:00

Valentina Fin Trio

Sala concerti

Valentina Fin brings to the Casa del Jazz stage “A chi Esita,” an original project by the Vicenza-based singer and composer. The band, composed along with the leader by Luca Zennaro on guitar and Marco Centasso on double bass, released its debut album “To Whom He Hesitates” in January 2023. The album consists of original songs, with lyrics also inspired by poems from international literature. Eight tracks divided between shorter tracks, almost interludes, to longer and more structured ones, with more room for improvisation. And in this stretching and unfolding, the vocesi moves with extreme lightness and ease, creating air games and suspensions, weaving very wide textures in which the dialogues of the other instruments are woven, thanks to solid interplay. “To Those Who Hesitate” is an invitation to listen, especially to ourselves, a desire to feel more involved with the world around us, finding those answers that we often tend to misplace due to the instability of our existence.

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