• 12/10/2023
  • 21:00

Transient Gemini/Third Division

Transient Gemini

Transient Gemini was born out of Silvia Olivier ‘s soloism that inspired Diego Carrubba Forte after the 2021 release of his first solo piano album Gemini for Camilla Records. From there their collaboration was established, exploring the polymetric and polyrhythmic nuances of piano compositions; a year later Gianluca Bonetti joined the project on electric bass, which, giving lyricism and groove, gave birth to the crossover jazz piano trio called “Transient Gemini.” The mixture of genres that inspired the trio’s three members means that the original compositions plant their roots in contemporary jazz as much as in progressive rock.


Silvia Olivier: piano
Gianluca Bonetti: electric bass guitar
Diego Carrubba Forte: drums

Third Division

Third Division is a fascinating musical journey that combines diverse and seemingly distant influences into a single, engaging stylistic language. This musical project is imbued with a deep passion for jazz, which is the root and inspiration for exploring new compositional and performative horizons.

The trio represents the ideal form of communication to express the artistic vision of the group members, collaborating in perfect harmony and creating a musical synergy that manifests itself in a smooth and homogeneous manner. This collaboration results in a sonic product that is both bold and subtle, complex and accessible.

The trio’s style germinates from modern jazz sounds, exploring new creative avenues and incorporating contemporary and innovative elements, constantly challenging the limits of their own creativity.


Roberto Iadanza: piano
Gianfranco De Lisi: bass
Fabrizio Ferrazzoli: drums

With a view to promoting artistic-musical training among young people, creating new synergies with music schools all over Italy, Saint Louis’ idea was born to have young ensembles from music high schools take the stage, such as the Small Band of Rome’s “Giordano Bruno,” which will perform at the opening of the concert during the Jammin’ 2023 Festival.


Small Band

Liceo musicale “Giordano Bruno” in Rome

directed by Prof. Maurizio Schifitto


Patrizio Massimo Di Rita, Mattia Girolimetti, Elena Pandolfi, Matteo Mercatali,

Johnathan Papola, Alessandro Martinelli, Martina Youdef, Gioele Liberatore,


Noemi Pomponi Flute

Gabriele Carrese Clarinet

Valerio De Rossi, Mirko Giusti Trumpet

Massimiliano Nese, Mirko Piccarozzi Trombone

Michelle Fasoli Voice

Christian Nese Piano

Federico Baldanza Guitar

Rocco Donati Bass

Federico Siniscalchi Drums

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