• 25/07/2023
  • 21:00

The Liars

B.L.U.E. – Improvisation with side effects


B.L.U.E. musicians Fabio Pavan, Alessio Granato piano; Roberto Battilocchi, double bass, electric bass; Nando Farina, woodwinds; Damiano Daniele, drums and percussion
Actors-improvisers: Emanuele Ceripa, Cecilia Fioriti, Alessio Granato, Francesco Lancia, Andrea Laviola, Fabrizio Lobello, Fulvio Maura, Simona Pettinari

It sounds like the opening of just another musical….

…darkness in the hall, the music beginning its incessant beat, the lights going up. The atmosphere becomes electric, the dancers take their places, and the actors gain the stage. It really sounds like the beginning of a musical like any other. It looks like. But it is not.

B.L.U.E. – the fully improvised musical is an impromptu performance inspired by the atmosphere, music and storytelling typical of Broadway musicals.

In each performance, the Bugiardini, one of the best-known improvisational theater companies in Italy, and the musicians accompanying them live, transform the audience’s suggestions into a musical literally never seen before–and never to be seen again later.

Each night the audience is asked to suggest a location for the musical, and the title of a new, never-before-written musical set in that location. With these suggestions alone, the actors on stage will instantly create the musical suggested by the audience, supported by the band that will improvise along with them.

Exciting stories, memorable characters, hilarious jokes, exciting songs and choreography–definitely bold: everything will be created on the spot or, as the Anglo-Saxons say, “out of the blue.”

  • Reduced single seat – 20€
  • Single full seat – 25€
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