• 09/06/2023
  • 21:00

Stories of Ordinary Censorship 1 – Mafia and War with Vittorio Mezza Trio

Live jazz music and brief accounts of modern forms of censorship that obscure a part of reality from our eyes, in Rome, outdoors, in the Casa del Jazz park with free admission. This promises the series of musical and entertainment meetings entitled “Stories of Ordinary Censorship” curated by Oxygen for Information, produced in collaboration with the Fondazione Musica per Roma and included in the Casa del Jazz’s rich summer music festival Summertime 2023, which begins June 7.

Three well-known journalists, each an expert in his or her field, will give brief examples of the insidious forms of censorship that affect journalists, writers, artists, opinion makers, and activists-Lirio Abbate, Giampaolo Cadalanu, and Attilio Bolzoni. They will talk about it together with actor Vittorio Viviani, host of these evenings, in which, however, music will always be the main course, taking more space than words: on June 9 with Vittorio Mezza‘s trio.

Lirio Abbate will talk about what happens in parts of our peaceful Italy, where the lives and movements of the most wanted bosses remain for decades shrouded in an inexplicable, impenetrable silence even after their capture, as happened with Matteo Messina Denaro and, earlier, Bernardo Provenzano. On the same evening, Giampaolo Cadalanu will tell us about something similar happening in war-torn Ukraine, from where we get a lot of news but not some important information because it is taken away from the reporters’ observation.

Vittorio Mezza Trio Formation

Vittorio Mezza – Piano and arrangements
Stefano Pagni – Double bass
Giampaolo Ascolese – Drums

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Fondazione Musica per Roma
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