• 28/10/2023
  • 21:00


A name born from the combination of two words (Sin=’without’ in Spanish, Er=Air=Air) and an anagram of ‘Siren,’ SINER is a trio born in 2020 as an egalitarian formation between Ludovica Manzo, bassist Matteo Bortone and keyboardist Giulio Stermieri, musicians who are among the best talents in Italian jazz today.

Shared by the same background spanning contemporary jazz, experimental music as well as pop/rock sounds, the trio’s sound is articulated along a line that brings together songwriting passages with English lyrics, minimal electronics and drone music.

Eclectic musicians and poly/instrumentalists, the three alternate and juxtapose ‘standard’ song forms with improvisational phases that explore the world of textures and timbres, alternating acoustic and electric elements.

With a clear reference to the underwater universe that is more than explicit already in the trio’s name, Siner’s lyrics create a kaleidoscope of images that explore the majestic world of nature, how it influences, inspires and surprises us; a voyage by ship starting from a port to which, however, one is obliged to return, an underground exploration of the ants’ laborious path, the search for a river where tigers can quench their thirst: these imaginary stories intertwine to create a repertoire with a strong impact


LUDOVICA MANZO : voice/electronics

MATTEO BORTONE : electric bass/electronics/vocals

GIULIO STERMIERI : keyboards/synth.

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