• 26/05/2023
  • 21:00

Paolo Damiani & Massimo Giuseppe Bianchi

“From Everywhere You Are” is the record that testifies to the meeting of two eclectic musicians who have always been committed to pushing the boundaries of music in a continuous search for new sonic spaces and meanings. Paolo Damiani, double bassist, cellist comes from the world of jazz in which he has written significant pages. Massimo Giuseppe Bianchi, pianist, records for Decca and is known in the classical concert scene as an interpreter of Bach and Godowsky. What do two seemingly distant musicians have in common, beyond friendship? A willingness to embrace music in ever-unexpected ways and a desire to divorce the custom of confirmation, to renounce the adoption of a predetermined language in order to espouse the indeterminacy of a free approach. The constant attempt to change the wind rose and choose unfamiliar music. “Their” music. No special laws apply in the duo’s concerts except this one, that genres are abolished and the crossroads of canon is suspended. Play is a very serious thing, and the rule here is to listen to each other in the search for a language that, while playing, knows how to make itself a story, an emotion. That of music unknown, so pure you can drink it.

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