• 28/07/2023
  • 21:00

Paolo Crepet

Contemporary love rallies


Paolo Crepet, storyteller, speaker

Marcello Mazzoni, piano

A free reflection by Paolo Crepet on love and human passions contextualized in our times, a topic among the most debated and dear to the psychiatrist-writer, which will also take its cue from the musical suggestions offered by some works of composers including Arvo Pärt, Michael Nyman, Philip Glass, Eric Satie.

He says, “It all starts with the pursuit of happiness, and that is why I believe psychiatry is the art of removing obstacles to happiness. I am convinced that psychiatry has more to do with art than anything else.” “Emotions and feelings? The risk is that they become prepackaged. It is going out of fashion for passion and therefore also for passionate love. In seduction, that is, in the approach between two people who like each other, there is one element that cannot be skipped, which is the strenuous element of getting to know each other, going deeper and creating complicity. Complicity means being together at difficult times, at those junctures when there may be a crisis of one or the other, in understanding and listening to each other. It is because of all this stuff here that the love relationship is perforce difficult and tiring and cannot be facilitated.”

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