• 10/12/2023
  • 21:00


Louis Cinque saxophones, live eletronics

Louis Sclavis clarinet

Anais Drago violin, live eletronics

Paolo Damiani double bass

Original production

On the borders walks Operaquartet: an ensemble of artists from “extraordinary encounters ”, special stories of musical and cultural crossings balanced between archaic, future, contemporary, jazz, modal music, electronics, poetry, philosophy. Louis is a ‘best world musician’ precisely in that area situated between contemporary, European jazz, improvisation and new writing. Composer, too, of grand film scores and ECM label artist, absolute star of the bass clarinet and beyond. Anais violinist, award-winning composer, has the preparation and talent of the very young in power. Few(s)-in the genre she traverses-are her equal in performance and preparation. On stage, on violin with electronics (which she handles in real time), she becomes a little “paganinic” devil. He is certainly one of Europe’s most interesting musical figures. Charismatic figure, Paul, double bassist, cellist, composer and conductor. In his continuous and unrelenting musical experience there is certainly an important piece of Italian jazz and teaching history of the past decades. A former conductor of the Orchestre National de Jazz, he has always participated in the European experience of inclusive and avant-garde popular jazz and currently directs the ONJGT.

Luigi one of the most representative composers/authors/instrumentalists/performers on the frontier between music anthropology, music writing, poetry and new applied technologies. Several orchestral works to his bow, directing award-winning films and innovative transcultural events in the world/jazz landscape.

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