Mariasole De Pascali/Simone Alessandrini Storytellers

Mariasole De Pascali, “Fera”

Mariasole De Pascali, flutist and performer voted Best New Talent in the Top Jazz 2022 referendum by the prestigious magazine Musica Jazz, presents live her first record work “Fere” (Parco della Musica Records), the result of her diverse experiences in improvisation, creative writing and contemporary music. Seamlessly, the compositions alternate around sound objects, electrical impulses and mechanical behavior, searching for a brief phosphorescence, a friction between self and a moving space, lyrical but not rhetorical, with reminiscences from jazz to chamber music to rock. Starting with the expressive and compositional possibilities of his own instrument, the work on the form extends to an unprecedented lineup with Giorgio Distante (trumpet, tuba and electronics), Adolfo La Volpe (electric guitars and electronics) and Lucio Miele (drums, vibraphone and percussion).


Mariasole De Pascali – Flutes (soprano, alto, piccolo)
Giorgio Distante – Trumpet, tuba, electronics
Adolfo La Volpe – Electric guitar, baritone electric guitar, electronics
Lucio Miele – Vibraphone, drums and percussion.

Simone Alessandrini Storytellers, “Circe”

Giovan Battista Gelli‘s “Circe,” an operetta in ten dialogues of moral content first published in 1549 in Florence. In the text, built along the lines of the Plutarchean Cricket, the author takes up the famous episode from the Odyssey and imagines Odysseus obtaining from Circe the faculty to converse with his Greeks transformed into animals, who unexpectedly pronounce in favor of their own feral condition and oppose a sharp refusal to the offer to recover human features, arguing for the ethical superiority of animals over the weaknesses, vices and miseries that characterize human existence. Through the implementation of paradoxical procedures, each of the dialogues into which the work is divided is built around a particular aspect of the human condition, framed in the negative light of the sometimes naive and simplistic arguments of the animal, which are vainly countered from time to time by the positions advocated by Ulysses. Simone Alessandrini, with the expanded twelve-piece Storytellers project, wants to represent Gelli’s writing in music. The idea of an operetta in its form, but with the sound of contemporary jazz and at the same time a cyclic and tribal progression, dressing and denuding the Western cultured approach. In the work, each musician represents an animal that is told in an abstract way, with the incursions of Circe, whose role is assumed by song, as the only narrative vehicle. The ensemble will change from piece to piece, moving from dense moments such as the overture, to minimal sections, parts of radical improvisation contrasted with sections of dense and rigorous vertical writing. The intent is to give more dimensions to the musical script by depicting the moods of the various animals as they narrate the various ills of humankind. Like the two previous records, “Storytellers” and “Mania Hotel,” in this new work Simone Alessandrini wants to use music as a narrative vehicle, taking a cue from this little-known book, written in 1549, in which issues as relevant as ever are addressed, and thus give it a sound that is equally relevant today.


Simone Alessandrini – alto sax, flutes (in the role of Ulysses)
Laura Giavon – Voice (as Circe)
Federico Pascucci – Tenor sax, clarinet, ney (in the role of the calf)
Antonello Sorrentino – Trumpet and flugelhorn (in the role of the horse)
Mariasole de Pascali – Flute, piccolo (in the role of the snake)
Federico D’Angelo – Baritone sax, bass clarinet, tuba (in the role of the lion)
Giacomo Ancillotto – Guitars (as the doe)
Marcella Carboni – Harp (in the role of the hare)
Nazareno Caputo – Vibraphone, marimba (in the role of the oyster)
Simone Pappalardo – Electronics and self-made instruments (as the dog)
Riccardo Gola – Double bass, electric bass (in the role of the mole)
Riccardo Gambatesa – Drums, percussion (in the role of the goat)

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