• 31/10/2023
  • 21:00

Maria Pia De Vito/Sonia Spinello

The Other Half of Jazz

Series of meetings curated by Gerlando Gatto

Through this series of meetings, it is intended to emphasize how the situation of female jazz has changed in our country. Through the presence of specially chosen musicians, it is intended to show how Italian female jazz musicians have now abandoned the “old” role of vocalists to fully enroll among the best instrumentalists our country can boast. And it all results in an improvement of the environment in general since undoubtedly the female spirit is also felt when playing. Taking a cue from my book “The Other Half of Jazz,” established protagonists will alternate answers to my questions with “live” music. These musicians will be joined by those who have only recently embarked on a “career” as jazz musicians. Young talent,emerging female talent,more and more, confirming an irrepressible evolution.

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