• 05/05/2023
  • 21:00

Marco Colonna Solo

Sala concerti

Twenty-five years after the first solo recorded work, comes “Earth” as an ever-changing synthesis of the musical, poetic and spiritual materials underlying Marco Colonna‘s solo research. Through the use of the bass clarinet, and small finger percussion, breath, and the mechanical and technical characteristics of the instrument, the sense of research, the relationship between man and nature, and the need to take part in contemporaneity are traversed. The project was released through the New Ethic Society platform, based on an inescapable relationship between artistic independence and support for solidarity activities with the most fragile, with the last. Marco Colonna is one of the most active musicians of his generation, always straddling genres and languages. Appreciated in the jazz and improvisational sphere, he has to his credit dozens of record publications, relationships with leading musicians on the international scene, and participation in the most important European and world festivals.

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