• 20/05/2023
  • 21:00

Mac Saxophone Quartet feat. Rosario Giuliani

A sought-after crossover project rooted in Italy’s noblest musical heritage, in which the art of improvisation typical of the jazz idiom is wedded to the stylings of the past.

A millennium of masterpieces drawn from the ancient Gregorian antiphonaries and medieval laudaries, from the Renaissance counterpoint of the Roman and Venetian schools to touching on melodrama; a journey through time and the Italic sound entirely interpreted by artists who have distinguished themselves for their ability to renew tradition.

Unpublished arrangements, specially prepared by Maestro Mario Corvini to enhance both the refined phrasing of Rosario Giuliani and the enveloping, searching timbres of the MAC Saxophone Quartet, one of the quartets most appreciated for their work in protecting and innovating the Italian school.

Italian repertoire for classical quartet and jazz soloist

Guido d’Arezzo (10th-12th cent.): Ut queant laxis
Laudarium of Cortona (12th cent.): Magdalena worthy to be lauded
Giovanni Gabrieli (16th cent.): Canzon seconda a quattro
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (16th cent.): Missa Brevis – Agnus Dei
Gregorio Allegri (16th-17th cent.): Miserere
Claudio Monteverdi (17th cent.): Toccata and prologue from “Orfeo”
Arcangelo Corelli (17th-18th cent.): Adagio from the Concerto Grosso op. 6
Antonio Vivaldi (17th-18th cent.): 1st mov from “l’Inverno”
Gioacchino Rossini (17th-19th cent.): from “The Barber of Seville”
Gaetano Donizetti (19th cent.): Una furtiva lagrima from “Elisir d’Amore”

MAC Saxophone Quartet

Stefano Pecci – soprano sax

Luis Lanzarini – alto sax

Alex Sebastianutto – tenor sax

Valentino Funaro – baritone sax

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