• 07/07/2023
  • 21:00

Lino Guanciale

Er Corvaccio and the Dead – A Romanesque “spoon river”

Lino Guanciale


Gabriele Coen, soprano sax, clarinet

Stefano Saletti, bouzouki, guitar

The Corvaccio is the janitor of an imaginary cemetery who “points er nose at infinity” and addresses the audience directly-with the harsh, drawling, truncated words of the Roman dialect-inviting them on a journey of irrepressible vivacity among the graves and the stories buried there. From the junkyard and the concierge, to the magistrate and the tramp, the graffiti artist, and the bookseller, we journey with the gravedigger along this graveyard and listen to the lives, not always exemplary, rarely ended in glory, of foul-mouthed and melancholy characters who greet life with irreverence. The Ravenclaw patiently documents them as those who indulge in a friendly chat with this “little tale of the human.” A great interpreter of this gallery of characters is Lino Guanciale, an artist who needs no introduction. The musical accompaniment was created ad hoc by two highly experienced musicians in the theatrical field such as Gabriele Coen and Stefano Saletti.

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  • Single full seat – 20€
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