• 30/09/2023
  • 10.00

Jazz Campus Orchestra – Auditions

The Jazz Campus Orchestra in its two years of existence has achieved outstanding results by giving the girls and boys who are part of it the opportunity to learn so many styles of music, meet many great Masters (Ada Montellanico, Stefano Di Battista, Hélène Duret, Daniele Roccato, Christopher Cerrone, Alexander Gwis, Antonino Siringo) and on everything, playing on prestigious stages such as Umbria Jazz – KIDS section, the Roma Jazz Festival, Una Striscia di Terra Feconda, the Casa del Jazz, playing live on Radio Tre at the Quirinale and performing at the Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino with the Accademia di Fiesole Boys’ Symphony Orchestra.

All this was made possible by two hours of weekly classes, every Saturday from October to June, which gave the group the opportunity to exponentially hone their skills. The girls and boys are supervised in addition to M° Nunzi , who is the orchestra’s artistic director, by Silvia Manco, piano, Cristiana Polegri saxophones and vocals, Alessandro Bintzios electric bass and double bass, and Marco Motta drums and percussion.

This year’s auditions are open both to girls and boys interested in beginning to take their first steps in the Jazz orchestral language and to those who were already more advanced and could play in the main orchestra right away.

-The conditions required are a basic reading ability, being able to play simple but rhythmically articulate written parts, and above all, a desire to have fun and build together a fun and educational musical journey as ” grown-ups” to experience compelling historical and cultural knowledge.

-The audition is also open to classical musician(s) who want to experience Jazz; many Jazz Campus identities come from Classical Orchestras, and the move into the Jazz orchestra has greatly enriched their performance performance and artistic experience, providing new techniques that are very useful in approaching the path of a contemporary musician, such as improvisation.

e are particularly looking for “bass” instruments, trombone, tenor saxophone, French horn, tuba, baritone saxophone, bassoon, clarinet, double bass, electric bass, percussion and piano.

For the audition it will be appropriate to bring a jazz-themed piece that can be related in some way to this style, a blues, ragtime, a famous piece declined in a jazz key. Alternatively, a composition that makes the committee understand the technical level and developmental possibility of the examinee’s talent. In case there is a need, we could accompany the musician or musician upon delivery of a score a few days before the audition. MP3 backing tracks are also allowed, which can be sent over the room ‘s sound system.

For information contact educational@musicaperroma.it

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