• 05/08/2023
  • 21:00

James Senese

In more than half a century of his career, Senese has crossed genres, eras, and fashions, never allowing himself to be corrupted in the name of the market. His idols are Miles Davis and John Coltrane. His granitic artistic and intellectual consistency are as famous as the sound of his sax.

Passing through the seminal Showmen with Mario Musella, Napoli Centrale, collaborations with his unforgettable friend Pino Daniele but also the artistic and fraternal fellowship that linked him to Franco Del Prete, James Senese has played and sung the vanquished, those who never had a voice.

The energy and anger of his sax, and his voice, distinguish his live performances, made up of courage and determination: that of a “Half-Black.”

His artistic strength and consistency has turned him into an icon, an indispensable reference point for new musical generations who want expressive urgency and zero compromise

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