• 29/10/2023
  • 11:00

James P. Johnson – Where is the “innere Stimme”


series of 8 lectures by MARCELLO PIRAS

Once again this year Marcello Piras is offering at the House of Jazz a series of eight conversations, featuring images, music and films, in which he combines innovative musicological research with entertainment. If last year the theme was “Eight Lies about Jazz,” each of which was discussed and debunked, this year it is “Eight Steps Forward.” Each talk deals with a master of African American music (jazz and its environs) by introducing new ideas and new discoveries about him. In this way it is possible to come to a deeper understanding of each musician’s poetics.

James P. Johnson – Where is the “innere Stimme”
Classic jazz connoisseurs have always seen Johnson as a carefree late-night entertainer. Conversely, in light of his relationship with his teacher Bruto Giannini, it becomes possible to identify elements of academic origin in his music that he kept hidden.

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