• 29/06/2023
  • 21:00


Sala concerti

Incognito is one of the most important acid jazz projects and groups in the world. Born in England in 1976 by the will of Jean Paul “Bluey” Munick. They are an ever-changing lineup just like their music: fifteen studio albums in a career spanning more than thirty years. Fluidity in compositions is a hallmark of Incognito‘s journey, yet this has never detracted from their well-defined musical style that ranges from soul to funk to R&B. The successes of the early 2000s were confirmed in 2010 by the release of “Live in London the 30th Anniversary Concert” and “Transatlantic RPM” enhanced by performances by artists such as Chaka Khan and Mario Biondi. In 2012 they released “Surreal” followed by “Amplified sSoul” (2014), “In Search Of Better Days” (2016) and their latest work “Tomorrow’s New Dream” (2019) as always an acid jazz immersion album.

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