• 23/09/2023
  • 21:00

Giorgio Rosciglione Quartet

Giorgio Rosciglione ‘s extraordinary experience together with the protagonists of Italian and international jazz guarantees, together with the deep and philologically coherent weaving fine-tuned by Andrea Pagani and Marcello Zini with the wise, measured and historically unexceptionable rhythmic support of Emanuele Zappia, the quality of the work of reinterpretation of that repertoire composed of some of the best-known Jazz standards in the history of 20th century music that the Quartet proposes. A sincere tribute, respecting the tradition and those melodies that until today have been preserved resisting the passage of time and fashions by virtue of those universal and always valid contents, in any context and in any era: in fact, we are talking about those historical pieces written between the 1930s and the 1960s by the great composers and that are periodically reinterpreted in a modern key remaining always current, demonstrating that they have left an indelible legacy that is now part of our way of being.


Giorgio Rosciglione – double bass
Andrea Pagani – piano
Marcello Zini – guitar
Emanuele Zappia – drums

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