• 04/08/2023
  • 21:00

Frida Bollani Magoni

Frida Bollani Magoni, daughter of art, was born in Versilia, Italy, on September 18, 2004.
Always immersed in the world of sounds and music, she began studying classical piano regularly at the age of 7 under the guidance of maestro Paolo Razzuoli, who taught her musical notation in Braille. He has collaborated several times with Massimo Nunzi’s Orchestra Operaia (Jazz Big Band) both as a singer and pianist performing at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. As a guest, she performed at the Bianca D’Aponte Prize (a competition for female singer-songwriters) in the Aversa theater in 2017 and at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Special Olympics at the Montecatini Hippodrome playing and singing in front of 10,000people.
She has often performed as a surprise guest at her parents’ (Petra Magoni and Stefano Bollani) concerts both in Italy and abroad. He also has experience in the world of musicals having participated as a singer in: “The Adventures of Peter Pan” and “Jesus Christ Meets the Orchestra.”

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