• 01/08/2023
  • 21:00

Flamenco Tango Neapolis

“Flamenco Tango Neapolis” is an exciting artistic project, founded in 2009 and directed by Salvo Russo (Neapolitan musician and composer), that unites Italy, Spain and Argentina through music, dance and theater. The identity of the project is represented by Neapolitan Song, the cradle of history, culture and traditions, which, meeting Flamenco and Argentine Tango, integrates them in an original contamination of styles that recognize Naples as “the Soul” that welcomes them, merges them and boldly sublimates them.

Over time, the project has become a source of great interest to the public and critics, distinguishing itself by the originality, elegance and beauty of work conducted with great dedication and professionalism. Since 2009 to date, he can boast the production of four shows, “Encanto,” “Viento,” “Arrassusìa,” and the new show “MALVAROSA” (staged in various Italian theaters and festivals from 2023). The mallow is a perennial and very hardy plant, it is free-spirited, showy, has spectacular flowering and, above all, loves the sun.It represents the energy and emotions of the “Souths of the world” (Naples, Andalusia and Argentina) that are told, through music and dance, in this new show written and directed by Salvo Russo.

The music-original compositions and arrangements by Salvo Russo-represents the essence of a contamination that flips through ancient pages and dresses them up with a new look, creating original sounds but always respecting tradition. The meeting of the three cultures is also told by dance through the passion of flamenco, the elegance of Argentine tango and the expressive freedom of contemporary dance, with the VAT Ballet Company. Thus it is that “Scalinatella” becomes the Muse that inspires pasiòn flamenca, that “Cerasella” recreates the atmosphere of Argentine milongas, and that “Rumba marenara” recounts the liveliness and beauty of Neapolitan alleys. The colors of Naples, therefore, mixed with those of Andalusia and South America explode musically on stage creating intense atmospheres, enriched by the magic of dance, capturing the mind and heart of the spectator in a show to be experienced.


Salvo Russo – Piano, percussion, vocals
Marco Pescosolido – Cello
Agostino Oliviero – Violin, Arabic oud, guitar
Gianni Migliaccio – Flamenco guitar, percussion, vocals
Riccardo Schmitt – Drums and percussion


Alessia Demofonti and Massimiliano De Pasquale – Baile flamenco, palmas
Sabrina Amato and Andrea Dedò – Argentine Tango
Gaetano di Noto, Elisa Liani, Sara Buono, Serena Mulone – VAD Ballet Company

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