• 15/09/2023
  • 21:00

Fade in Trio

From a hyperactive artistic momentum since 2018, Fade In Trio continues to reinvent itself to pursue its self-imposed chimera: the pursuit of total artistic honesty. A fundamental mutual trust allows the three distinct identities to dissolve into an idiosyncratic communal vision, where improvisation becomes the lens for a deep inner investigation of our functions within a creative community. The artistic result connects and embodies different musical aesthetics, but also strives to broaden the sonic palette of what a seemingly limited piano-less trio can achieve. The debut album “Live Fast, Die A Legend” (Clean Feed Records) ironically decries the motto of our Western society; where the myth of fame and productivity alienates individuals from their feelings and thoughts.


Federico Calcagno – Bass Clarinet, Clarinet
Pietro Elia Barcellona – Contrabass
Marco Luparia – Drums and percussion.

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