• 25/06/2023
  • 21:00

Fabrizio Bosso: “We Wonder” with special guest Nico Gori

7:30 p.m. – Stevie Wonder: The Jazz Connection

edited by Ashley Kahn
with Fabrizio Bosso and Luciano Linzi

The music we all remember best is the music we listened to as teenagers: it is the music we know best. When Steveland Morris was born, he grew up with blues, gospel, and jazz, listening to love ballads and sophisticated, swinging hardbop. When he became Stevie Wonder, one of his first albums for Motown was called “The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie.” Not surprisingly, his songs reflect his youth. Trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso is a master not only at finding a place in jazz for heavy rock and R&B songs, but also at imagining them in the style of specific jazz eras. “We Wonder” is his most recent album, a jazz tribute to Stevie‘s songs, and which he performs with his quintet. Prior to the concert, Bosso will join legendary American journalist/producer Ashley Kahn and Luciano Linzi to dig into Wonder‘s blues, gospel, and jazz roots, explain his fascination with Wonder’s compositional mastery, and listen to one or two examples of his early jazz performances.

Admission is free while seats last. You must download the ticket by registering at www.ticketone.it or at the Casa del Jazz box office open from 7 p.m.

9 p.m. – Fabrizio Bosso: “We Wonder” with special guest Nico Gori

Trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso pays tribute with his quartet to the musical genius of Stevie Wonder in the new project “We Wonder,” released by Warner Music and available on CD, vinyl and digital. The energy and vitality that characterize the unmistakable style of Stevie Wonder, the expressive force of his most famous ballads, together with the technique and lyricism of the trumpet of Fabrizio Bosso, the care of the arrangements and the musical personality of each musician in the quartet are all elements that make this new project unique and valuable.


Fabrizio Bosso – Trumpet
Julian Oliver Mazzariello – Piano,piano el.
Jacopo Ferrazza – Contrabass and bass el.
Nicola Angelucci – Drums
Special Guest Nico Gori – Tenor Sax, Clarinet

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