• 18/09/2023
  • 21:00

European Jazz Ensembles special guest Mauro Ottolini & Elisabetta Antonini

As part of European Jazz’s Cool, the live phase of the Saint Louis art residency for advanced jazz concludes with a third evening of concerts, starring Mauro Ottolini, one of Italy’s leading musicians, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and brass specialist, national critics’ award “Top Jazz” as “best Italian jazz musician” in 2012, and the refined vocalist Elizabeth Antonini with ensembles formed by Italian and European students from Saint Louis and leading European conservatories, the project’s international partners.

Ensemble ElisabettaAntonini
Elisabetta Antonini – voice

Giuditta Franco – voice
Julia Rassek – voice
Liao Bowen – sax
Dmitrii Kuznetsov – piano
Federico Lincetto – double bass
Special guest: Martin Kollerup Sorensen – drums

Mauro Ottolini Ensemble
Mauro Ottolini – trombone
Aniello De Sena & Domenico Rizzuto – trumpets
Tomasz Rassek & Elias Nieuwejaers – sax.
Sonia Infricciolli – guitar
Enrico Palmieri – double bass
Thomas Perrone – drums

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