• 22/06/2023
  • 21:00

DOMi & JD Beck

Sala concerti

To date if you wanted to know DOMi & JD BECK, the most publicized jazz duo on the Internet, you had to visit their website and click on a saxophone-playing mouse and read the story of a 12-year-old physicist, Domi Louna, and a 6-year-old sheep researcher, JD Beck. Let’s make it clear. “My philosophy of life is not to take anything too seriously,” Domi says. And that can be fine. But the vibrant world she and her collaborator have provided us with requires further study. Their highly anticipated album released by Anderson .Paak ‘s label in collaboration with the legendary jazz label Blue Note is an attempt to bottle their awkward, virtuosic magic. Their music blends humor and grandeur, in rhythmic and harmonic complexity, abruptly adopting and abandoning rhythms, playing with tempo changes and sneaking extra beats into bridges. The collaboration began casually. Domi was a favorite student at Berklee music school, arriving from the Paris Conservatory. JD, 3 years younger, had played in small concerts in his native Dallas. They met in 2018 at an American trade show, NAMM. They had the opportunity to play together there, and it made them want to continue doing it. In their journey so far they have already played with Herbie Hancock, Anderson .Paak and Thundercat.

DJ set before and after the concert by Denis Longhi (JZRF)

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