• 04/07/2023
  • 21:00


Sala concerti

Cimafunk, an Afro-Cuban rock star whose name refers to his heritage of Cuban “cimarrón” of African descent who resisted and escaped slavery, and their music aims to subvert conventional sounds with rhythmic innovation. By bringing out the best of Cuban rhythms and traditions and blending it with sounds and styles from Africa and the United States, Cimafunk has created something unique and special, not only in terms of music but also with the values it represents. He is redefining contemporary Cuban music as well as Afro-Latin identity and the fusion of cultures of color. Cimafunk‘s monumental second album, “El Alimento,” was released in October 2021, receiving overwhelming praise. Rolling Stone placed this work at number three of the best Spanish-language and bilingual albums of 2021 and it reached place 23 of the 50 best albums of 2021. “El Alimento” was also among NPR’s (Washington’s National Public Radio) Best Latin Music of 2021 and Le Monde’s No. 1 favorite for Latin music.

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