• 18/11/2023
  • 21:00

Cecilia Sanchietti

Award-winning drummer and composer, teacher and art director, Cecilia Sanchietti is a versatile and experienced performer. He has received several awards and honors throughout his career, including the “New Italian Jazz Talent 2019” and “Play Abroad 22.” Alongside her musical career, Cecilia, also mentors and teaches. In fact, she is the director of Improve – Business for Creators, a platform that supports musicians in career development, as well as the founder of the brilliant Jazz Mine Network, an organization that works to promote equal opportunity in the arts. His latest recording effort was the release of the album “Colours,” leading the Swedish Quartet, featuring Lutte Berg, a great Swedish/Italian guitarist. The result of this work is an electric, jazz/world music sound, close to lounge rock atmospheres, a noticeable change from the artist’s previous style.

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