• 13/10/2023
  • 21:00

C. Clementi/Ł. Wolski/Sils/ Moonly/N. Meyer/S. Olivier

Urban 49 presents

Claudio Clementi, Łukasz Wolski, Sils, Moonly, Natalia Meyer, Silvia Olivier

Claudio Clementi

Claudio Clementi voice and guitar

Matteo Serafinelli guitar

Damiano Niglio bass

Livio Salvatelli Drums

Claudio Clementi is a musician and songwriter from the Roman province. Debuts with first single “Apnea” in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic. He thus began to be noticed and known with his solo project. Between 2021 and 2022 he released two more singles “Supernova” and “Surviving,” indie/rock tracks that led him toward a sound rich in synths and electric guitars. In April 2023, released on the Saint Louis College Of Music’s Urban49 label, the song “Equilibristi” confirming the sound undertaken and all the influences received from the Italian and international music scene, with autobiographical and introspective lyrics.

Łukasz Wolski

Łukasz Wolski is a Polish singer and composer,who moved to Rome to complete his training with Serena Brancale, at the Saint Louis College of Music. After graduating, he devoted himself to his compositions, releasing the single “Escape” for Urban49 and live performances with the Sienna Gospel Choir.


Moonly voice, piano/keyboard

Lorenzo Reggio guitar

Francesco D’Aloia piano, keyboards

Guglielmo Molino electric bass

Alessandro Anselmi drums

The Moonly project was born in 2019, researching sounds and writing soul/jazz songs. Born on a Monday, with her mood swinging like a pendulum and her head always a little higher, Moonly composes and arranges her own songs. Each song reflects an aspect of life and firsthand experience, always placing the expression of feelings, thoughts and moods at the center. The genre is mainly Jazz/Soul/R&B, alternating with Pop sounds.

He released his new single “Naive” in May 2023 on the SubUrban label of the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome.

Natalia Meyer

Natalia Meyer Uruguayan singer-songwriter. He has lived between Montevideo, Sicily, Rome and Madrid, seeking to enrich his musical knowledge of traditional world musics. Still with his left-handed guitar, he toured the world with the Criollo Tango Orchestra called Flirtango, which took tango to every corner of Italy, and then to Argentina, Uruguay, Beirut, and Hong Kong.

After this experience in the world of tango and milonga rioplatense, he devoted himself to writing pop songs with elements of electronic music, enriched by a renewed and contemporary vocal interpretation. In March 2023 his first single with Urban49 “El Caos De Lugar” was released.


Sils is the project of Silvia Iannacci, a singer-songwriter born in ’96. He has always divided his time between different instruments such as drums, guitar, piano and vocals. He began writing his first songs at the age of 15 exclusively in English and then approached Italian in the last two years. After years of live performances and concerts as a busker, he began work on his new electronic pop project. In March 2023 his first single “MANIFESTO” was released followed by “AQUILONE” in June 2023.

The live lineup is very minimalist and in an electronic key: using Ableton Live, synthesizers and vocal effects.

Silvia Olivier

Silvia Olivier, class of ’99. In her early years she took up the piano, which was for her not only a means of expression but also an inseparable companion with which to grow. In Silvia Olivier’s music we can find the classical component, the point from which she started, combined with multiple musical genres that have influenced her. The continuous search for languages of expression, through the study of a variety of stylistic features, make the whole thing suitable for film scenes. In June 2021 he releases his debut album Gemini for Camilla Records. March 2023 sees the release of Amedeo – Live session with dedication to his Maestro Amedeo Tommasi, also published by Camilla Records.

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