• 11/10/2023
  • 21:00

Anunnaki/Alessandro Iachini/Edoardo Lupo


Atmospheric sounds, distended melodies, sweeping chords and spacious rhythms are the hallmarks of the sound of Anunnaki, a quartet formed in the province of Latina in September 2022. The full-bodied sounds “travel” through an emphasized dynamic excursion, which through storms of cymbals and electronic elements contrasting with the naturalness of the trumpet and the saturation of the distorted guitar find life until they reach their maximum tension. Underlying the project is the desire to reach out and explore through music a metaphysical world by approaching an entirely experimental reality, hence also the meaning of the name Anunnaki.


Giulio Bozzo: trumpet
Pietro Serafini: guitar
Simone Mitjans: keyboards
Daniele Siracusa: drums

Alessandro Iachini Quartet

The quartet starts with careful research on the timbral and sonic aspects, and then finds inspiration in the improvisational and interplay aspects.


Alessandro Iachini: guitar
Giuseppe Sacchi: piano
Emanuele Macculi: bass guitar
Sergio Mazzini: drums

Edoardo Lupo Trio

The project was born in January 2023, with the intention of writing original compositions drawing inspiration from the sounds of European jazz, such as E.S.T., but there is no shortage of other sources of inspiration such as Bill Evans‘ ”Time Remembered.” All tracks are composed by Edoardo Lupo. In the trio’s repertoire, ”S.T.O.M.P.” is the only one that does not follow the compositional pattern of the other pieces and in fact finds its roots in the sound of John Scofield ‘s fusion music of the 1980s.


Edoardo Lupo: piano
Ludovico Aru: double bass
Thomas Perrone: drums

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