• 10/10/2023
  • 21:00

Alessia Albanese/Paolo Fantoni/Alice Favaro

Alessia Albanese

Soul as breath, freedom. A story of fear and courage together. “I started collaborating with these five crazy guys a little bit like me and I realized that our need was the same, to be heard, to be a body made of music. Ours is not a project but it is a story. We will read to you a book full of spoken and misunderstood words, of silent words and others shouted, there will be my unreleased songs on the intimate pop thread and others full of adrenaline, we will revisit songs by twisting them lyrically and in arrangement.”


Alessia Albanese: voice
Davide Mariuzzo: guitar
Giuseppe Liuzzi: guitar
Damiano Niglio Franchi: bass
Marco Antonelli: drums

Paul Fantoni

Paolo Fantoni releases his first album entitled “New Day” in 2021. The album, produced by Livio Magnini (Bluvertigo), was anticipated by three singles and distributed by Warner Music. The following year he released the live session of the song “Tempo,” arranged for string quintet by Alessandro Recanati with whom he collaborated on the production of the second record.


Paolo Fantoni: voice and guitar
Guglielmo Molino: bass guitar
Marco Antonelli: drums
Sara Coll: backing vocals

Alice Favaro

Although I am not yet well defined and do not have a name, for my project I am looking for new sounds, ideas, words that together can tell people who I am, who I want to be and how I live my emotions, so that I can share and relive them in music for myself and others. To this day music is like chamomile tea for me, it calms me, warms me and brings me home.


Alice Favaro: voice

Lucrezia Blunda: voice

Laura Pilloni: voice

Ej Jacinto: keyboards
Yuri Nicolini: guitar
Marco Gallo: bass guitar
Andrea Pellegrino: drums

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