• 29/09/2023
  • 21:00

Alberto Giraldi

“Quadrivium 60” is an imaginary place where Jazz, Fusion and European tradition mingle and recreate, reinvent all the roads traveled, the experiences made, all the Music played, listened to, digested, loved, until they converge into a unified vision, a restarting point endowed with a new, clear, transparent look, a symbol of open spaces.

“Quadrivium 60” is a mixture of styles and languages, but also of men, of artists, because in Music the unprecedented confrontation involves reinterpretations, insights that perhaps are not entirely new, but always offer a further point of view, never so obvious or predictable and often suggesting different and only partially explored paths.

The Music of “Quadrivium 60” is both a goal and a starting point. Being rooted in one’s ideas but extremely flexible in the paths of writing is the best way for a composer to never stop and always be in the condition of a seeker. Thus, synthesis and renewal, to search and search again in the meanderings of an ever-evolving sonic universe that can still tell so much, beyond the boundaries of styles and affiliations.


Alberto Giraldi – Piano & Compositions
Filiberto Palermini – Soprano & Alto Sax
Marco Siniscalco – Bass el.
PierPaolo Ferroni – Drums

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