• 03/12/2023
  • 21:00

MP.De Vito/A.Drago/M.Rabbia- ‘We improvise better at night’

Original production

From a phrase by Emily Dickinson, a poet who loved music and delighted in improvising, preferably at night, takes shape the performance that Maria Pia De Vito, Anais Drago, and Michele Rabbia will present at a Fertile Earth Strip

Poetry, music and improvisation, one and the same matrix for the three artists: the former a composer and improviser now in the midst of artistic maturity, dedicated to research on the proximity between languages, and the latter the young multifaceted violinist and composer who rose to prominence in just a few years in an extraordinary flowering, starting with her solo work “Solitudo.”

The third, a percussionist and creator of electronic sounds and soundscapes now residing in France, and internationally recognized as one of the most pliant and sensitive improvisers at ease in the most varied declinations of contemporaneity.

An encounter that unravels through original compositions, reinterpretations of songs of various stylistic origins, poetry and spoken word, under the common use of electronics, and of course improvisational dialogue.

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